The best 4 power strips for the office

The best office desk multiple sockets are of primary importance

To protect the expensive electronic equipment that we have in the office such as computers from overvoltages.


If for economic or space reasons you do not want to use an uninterruptible power supply, the best solution is that of a multi-socket power strip to be placed above the table or nearby. There are different types, and affordable solutions can be found.

These multi-sockets, in fact, are also functional to our needs. Here are presented the best models for sale. You always want to keep your office tidy and for this reason that with the suitable multi-sockets we can combine business with pleasure.

Beautiful on the outside, these multi-socket desk slippers can really help you tidy up wirelessly around the office.

Electraline 61907

Desk PDU with computer charger 60W PD TYPE-C – 3 universal P40 sockets; – 1 USB type-C P.D. 60W; – 1 USB type-A 3.0 Quick Charge port; – 2m cable. H05VV-F 3G1.0mm²; – 90 ° space saving plug, 10A;

Desk power strip, with 60 W PD type-C computer charger For a clean and efficient work station, Electraline offers the new and practical multi-socket with a new generation Power Delivery charger capable of delivering up to 60W for charging computers and smartphones simultaneously.

The first power strip on the market to reach the charging powers required by the most modern and powerful latest generation laptops.

Electraline 62092


Electraline 62092

Desk power strip with 2 10 / 16A + schuko bypass sockets, 2 2.4 A USB ports with 10A space saving plug. 2 m cable and 2 supports for fixing to the desk or to the table top. Fixing 2 supports for fixing to desk included.


Electraline 61905

Power strip 4 sockets (10 / 16A, schuko), small plug 10A, + 3 USB ports 3.4A, with on / off switch. 2m cable, H05VV-F – 3G1.0mm² Multi-socket body in aluminum. 2 supports for fixing to desk included.

Electraline 61906

5-socket power strip (10 / 16A + schuko), small 10A plug, with on / off switch. 2m cable, H05VV-F – 3G1.0mm². Multi-socket body in aluminum. 2 supports for fixing to desk included. With these multi-sockets you do not need an electrician to be installed, they are simple to use.